Tajweed Made Easy (TME)

Starting 13th April
Length: 6 Weeks
08.00PM - 10.00PM (Malaysian time)
Every Saturday & Sunday
Venue: Online

Start from Scratch (SFS)

Starting 13thApril
Length - 6 weeks
08.00 PM - 10.00PM (Malaysian time)
Every Saturday and Sunday
Venue: Online

Work towards perfecting your recitation of the Glorious Qur???an!



Easy and simple teaching method. Fun and enjoyable experience!


Learn at the comfort of your own house ONLINE classes ??or attend our ON-SITE classes.


11 to 13 sessions for courses. Once a week = 2 hours/week Twice a week = 4 hours/week


Sisters only academy. Friendly, approachable and specially trained teachers.


The courses are available in multiple languages to cater to students in the whole world.


Opportunity to join Teachers In Training Program
[T I T P] and to reach Sanad Level


  • ??? I know better now the importance of reciting the Quran correctly, as incorrect recitation could change the meaning ???. Being able to recite the Quran correctly makes it much more pleasurable to recite the Quran???

    Nurhayati Ahmad, 55, Malaysia
  • The TME course really changed the way I view tajweed. The method that was taught is very systematic, simplified and it made the learning process become easier.

    Nur Syahiday Sobri, 22, Malaysia Student
  • I loved and enjoyed alot attending all TME classes. The two hours of each class passed by so fast because the teaching was very engaging and interesting. The teacher was very patient and polite. I had some basic knowledge of tajweed but this course helps me perfect my knowledge, and I learnt so many new terminologies. Now I understand the rulings and why we read the words in a specific way. In the past, I knew how to read correctly but did not understand the rulings. Alhamdulillah, my confusion and misunderstanding have been cleared during this course. I would like to ask others to learn tajweed. It is such a beautiful science, and once you learn it, you will enjoy reciting the Quran more inshaaAllah.

    Amina Khan, 30 , Singapore Software Architect
  • ... When I joined the academy, I only knew how to read the Qur???an, but now Alhamdulillah I know how to recite the Qur???an beautifully. I am not perfect, but trying to recite the Quran the way it was sent down to our beloved prophet Muhammad salallahu alaihiwasallam. I have spent almost four years in the academy, I am enjoying my classes with my teachers and the sisters. This is the best sisters-only academy. I am saying this because I have seen myself improving. The teachers are very polite and they teach us with great patience and love. I want to say Jazakillahu khairan to the founder, Sheikha Wafaa and her team. May Allah reward you all, Ameen.

    Meher Asad, 41, India