Sheikhah Wafaa Muhammad Hussain, the founder of Tajweed Made Easy Academy Global (TMEAG) was born in Malaysia in 1980. After graduating from St. Mary’s Kuala Lumpur in 1997, she travelled to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to further her Islamic Studies over a period of 10 years, out of which she specialised in the Noble Quran and was awarded with two Sanad Certificates where she became the 32nd and 33rd generation of Sanad Holder.

In 2001, when Sheikhah was 21 years old, she started teaching Quran recitation in various places. Sheikhah also taught basic Quran to reverts and born Muslims in Raabigh Dawa Centre, Saudi Arabia for four years.

In 2011, the TME book was published; incorporating the method Sheikhah developed throughout all her tajweed classes.

In 2012, Tajweed Made Easy Academy (TMEAG) was founded and opened to general public.

In 2013, Sheikhah published another two books, Starting from Scratch (SFS), tailored for beginners; as well as the TME Mind Maps.

In September 2015, the TMEAG Learning Centre in Shah Alam, Malaysia was officially launched for the comfort of local Malaysian sisters, not only to learn Tajweed and Qur’an recitation onsite but also for some Islamic and sisterhood activities.

Since 2015, Sheikhah was invited as a speaker for various conferences here in Malaysia. To name a few, the Annual Islamic Sisters Only Conference, at Being ME and The Straight Path Convention, The Daily Reminder and recently in May 2016, she was invited to speak at a sisters-only workshop for Ramadhan Revival Conference.

To date, Sheikhah has conducted TME Intensive Courses in Malaysia, India, Singapore, Macedonia, Kosovo, Germany and the Philippines. Sheikhah Wafaa teaches onsite at TMEAG learning Centre in Shah Alam and currently grooming teachers worldwide.

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