Tajweed Made Easy Academy Global (TMEAG) is a sisters only academy established in 2012 by its founder, Sheikhah Wafaa Mohd Hussain. From a humble beginning with just 3 teachers, the Academy presently has 27 teachers located in 7 countries around the world. Using its own methods ??? Recitation Class, Memorisation class, Tajweed Made Easy (TME) & Starting From Scratch (SFS) ??? the Academy mostly offers online classes and courses to sisters and children from different continents of diverse age, background, and nationality to gain knowledge at the comfort of their homes. The programs are specially designed for the non-Arabic speaking audience with an intention to reduce the language barrier in their learning experience. Approximately 2000 students from more than 30 countries such as Malaysia, Germany, Macedonia, USA, India, UK, Qatar, Australia, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Korea, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia etc. have graduated from this program with a steadily rising number of enlisted teachers.