Our Academy

Over a decade ago, Sheikhah Wafaa was shown pictures of young Chinese Muslim children in a remote mountainous village in China. The children were holding the Qur’an firmly against their chests. With their flushed cheeks and serious stares, it was obvious how precious the Qur’an was to them. That image stayed with Sheikhah Wafaa, and inspired her to make Qur’an learning accessible to everyone, in the hope of one day reaching remote places in this world in-sha-Allah.

In 2012, Sheikhah Wafaa founded Tajweed Made Easy Academy Global (TMEAG) with the vision of spreading correct recitation of Allah’s Words around the globe. With only a small team of teachers, the Academy started offering classes to the public. Currently, the teaching team has grown to 26 teachers and counting. The Academy offers online courses to non-Arabic speaking sisters and children worldwide. Students can learn the Qur’an with a qualified and trained female teacher, from the comfort of their homes. Onsite classes are also available at select locations. Among the courses offered are:

• Recitation Course

• Memorisation Course

• Tajweed Made Easy Course (advanced level)

• Starting From Scratch Course (beginners level)

• Nurturing Program Course (for those who have attained the highest level in the Recitation Course and wish to receive the Sanad/Ijazah)

• Teacher in Training Program (for those who aspire to be teachers of the Academy)

The Academy continuously strives to train qualified teachers, and to provide a pleasant yet effective learning experience to the students. As the Academy grows, new programs will be introduced to meet the needs of the students in-sha-Allah.