Our Founder

Sheikhah Wafaa Muhammad Hussain began her quest for Islamic knowledge when she travelled to the Middle East, after graduating from St. Mary’s Kuala Lumpur in 1997. Her first stop was Jordan, where she felt the Qur’an recitation was not a difficult subject to study. She then went on to specialise in the Noble Qur’an, starting from the age of 19. Sheikhah Wafaa started teaching Qur’an recitation at the age of 21 in various places in Saudi Arabia including Raabigh Da’wa Center. She was awarded her first Sanad (Ijazah) from Sheikhah Manal Ahmad Ridwan when she was 25. At the age of 28, Sheikhah Wafaa became the 32nd and 33rd generations of Sanad holders from Sheikh Muhammad ibn Salim ibn Ahmad ibn Salim.

Currently she is a holder of 4 different qiraats.
Teaching has always been very close to her heart, leading her to establish the Tajweed Made Easy Academy Global (TMEAG). To date, she has personally trained many qualified female teachers across the globe and handed down the Sanad.

Sheikhah Wafaa has conducted the TME Intensive Tajweed Course in various countries including Malaysia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Singapore, India, Germany, Austria and the Philippines. Besides teaching, she is also invited to speak at various conferences locally and abroad.

Major milestones:

2011 – Published the TME book, incorporating the method developed by Sheikhah Wafaa in teaching tajweed;
2012 – Founded the Academy and offered courses to general public;
2013 – Published the Starting from Scratch (SFS) book, tailored for beginners;
Published the TME Mind Maps tajweed book;
Launched White Palm, the first sisters-only tahfiz in Tetovo, Macedonia;
2015 – Launched TMEAG Learning Center in Selangor, Malaysia;
2018 – Published the revised edition of the TME book, which incorporates Hafs ‘an ‘Asim tareeq at-Taiyyibah.